‘Fin Band’
Aquabrade Floatation Aids (ABFA) Ltd is a business catering for the safety of Children whilst learning to swim.

ABFA have an unrivaled product on the market for keeping children safe and secure in the water. The company is looking to dominate the UK market and to take this innovative product in to the International market.

This new swimming aid has been invented and designed by Dr Marc Spinoza who is a pediatric doctor. He has worked as a pediatrician in hospitals in and around London including working for 10 years at Great Ormond Street Children’s hospital. The swimming aid was produced in collaboration with Gabriel Ogwo, a plastic product design consultant.


The ‘Fin Band’

The design of the arm band allows for quick and easy fitting on a child’s upper arm with an excellent degree of comfort and freedom. The design equally allows for quick removal of the arm band as directed by the supervising adult.
The key feature of the design is that it provides a highly efficient and secure grip on a child’s upper arm that effectively resists unintentional slipping or removal of the Fin Band once fitted. The Fin Band provides balance for children in the water, this allows them to find their own centre of gravity giving them more confidence in the water.

The effective design of the Fin Band combines the knowledge and expertise of the team behind it. Fin Bands meets all the standards and the specifications for the safety of children in the water and conform to safety standards for swimming aids. Fin Bands comply with the specifications for the performance of buoyancy aids for use while learning to swim as required within the EU by BS EN13138 parts 1, 2 & 3:2008.

Reliable, Fast, Safe and Simple Buoyancy Device

The ‘Fin Band’ is an exceptional product. It is easy to get on and off, but provides that security which other arm bands cannot because they are made of foam, they do not need to be blown up and can’t be punctured. In our beginner swimming lessons we provide the Fin Band as the first step to swimming which gives parents and instructors peace of mind when children don’t realise the dangers of drowning. Fin band is quick and easy so no swim lesson time is lost. I have three young boys and on holiday the Fin Band allowed us to be poolside all day long without worrying about our youngest taking his arm bands off to be ‘like his brothers’ and ‘to do it myself’! I love the Fin Band, it is a brilliant improvement to the traditional swimming arm band‘

– Alison Sheppard MBE
5x Olympian